National Shorts

Heitor Augusto
Film critic, researcher, professor and journalist. Has published essays in online magazines, printed media vehicles, as well as film festival catalogues and anthologies. Has taught the courses “Um Olhar Sobre o Cinema Autoral Brasileiro”, “Historiografia do Cinema Brasileiro”, “Blaxploitation e o Cinema Negro dos EUA”, among others. Was a coordinator of the Janela Crítica project (2015-2016) and was part of the selection committee for the 50th Brasília Film Festival, as well as a freelance curator and official jury member for several festivals. Writes the blog Urso de Lata ( and is currently finishing a book of essays on Blaxploitation movies.

Milenas Times
Milena Times was born in Recife and has a degree in Journalism from UFPE and a master’s degree in Communication and Society from UnB. She has worked with film since 2007 as a producer, directing assistant, screenwriter and filmmaker. She is a founder of the production company Espreita, and her two shorts, “Au revoir” (2013) and “Represa” (2016), have been selected for several national and international festivals, collecting, between the two of them, about 20 awards. Milena is currently developing the screenplay for “Novembro”, her first feature. She is a member of the Mulheres no Audiovisual Pernambuco (MAPE) movement.

Mariana Souto
PhD in Communications from UFMG and a Master from the same university, where she researched Brazilian film. College professor of Film and Audiovisual Studies at UNA. Co-programmer of the Comum Film Club and one of the curators of the Belo Horizonte International Short-Film Festival and of the Mostra Corpo e Cinema (Caixa Cultural). Member of UFMG’s Poéticas da Experiência research group. Art director, costume designer and editing assistant. Writes essays for catalogues, academic publications and criticism websites.

International Shorts

Nathália Tereza
Nathália Tereza has a degree in Film. She directed shorts “A casa sem separação” (2015), “A outra margem” (2015, Best Directing and Critics’ Prize at the 48th Brasília Film Festival) and “De tanto olhar o céu gastei meus olhos” (2017). Is a producer and editor of the show “Rarefeito”, broadcast by TV Cultura, and is currently working on her first feature.

Dea Ferraz

Dea Ferraz is a director and screenwriter, with a graduate degree in Journalism and a specialist degree in documentaries from EICTV – Cuba. In 2016 she release “Câmara de Espelhos”, which premiered at the Brasília Film Festival and participated in festivals such as Janela Internacional (PE), Panorama Coisa de Cinema (BA), and ForumDoc (BH). Her resume includes features, shorts and medium-length films. Alumia (2009), her first medium-length, traveled Latin America and is a best picture winner at festivals such as Santiago Alvarez-In Memorian (Cuba), Contra el Silencio todas las Voces (Mexico) and the 5th DOCSDF (Mexico).

Miguel Ribeiro
Born in 1992 in Lisbon, where he lives and works. A Communications Science graduate from Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s Social Sciences and Humanities College, he has been a programmer for Doclisboa since 2012. He is a filmmaker and a member of the art collective Rabbit Hole. Head of the production company Filmes do Asfalto, produced António Um Dois Três (2017), by Leonardo Mouramateus.


Nele Wohlatz
Born in Germany, living in Argentina. She studied scenography at the University of Applied Arts Karlsruhe and film at the University Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires. Her first feature film “Ricardo Bär“ (in co-direction with Gerardo Naumann) premiered at BAFICI in 2013. “El futuro perfecto“, her solo feature debut, premiered in 2016 at Locarno, where it won the best first feature award. The film was selected at more than 60 international film festivals, winning multiple awards, and was released in theaters in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the United States during 2017. She directed several short films and videos for theater productions and teaches documentary filmmaking at Centro de investigaciones artísticas (CIA) in Buenos Aires.

Carlos Alberto Mattos
Critic and researcher since 1978, has written for O Globo, JB and Estadão. Was the CCBB-Rio movie theater coordinator between 1989 and 1997. Former editor of Cinemais and Filme Cultura magazines and the author of seven books about Brazilian filmmakers, as well as the “Cinema de Fato – Anotações sobre Documentário” collection. For Canal Brasil, he directed the show “Jurandyr Noronha – Tesouros Quase Perdidos” (2010) and was a presenter of the show “Faróis do Cinema” (2015). Can be read at

Gabriela Amaral Almeida
Gabriela Amaral Almeida has a master’s degree in horror film and literature from UFBA, and a specialist degree in screenwriting from Cuba’s Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV). As a director, she has made the short films “Náufragos” (2010, co-directed by Matheus Rocha), “Uma Primavera” (2011), “A Mão que Afaga” (2012), “Terno” (2013, co-directed by Luana Demange) and “Estátua” (2014), selected by over 100 national and international festivals. Recently, Gabriela has been showing her first feature “O animal cordial” at festivals. Her most recent work was as a screenwriter for Walter Salles’s medium-length film “A terra treme”, currently in its finishing stages.

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