The Nothing Factory

DIREÇÃO: Pedro Pinho
Portugal, 2017, 117MIN, DCP
CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · QUI · 09/11 · 16H00

D Pedro Pinho R Tiago Hespanha, Luisa Homem, Leonor Noivo, Pedro Pinho P Tiago Hespanha, Luisa Homem, João Matos, Susana Nobre, Leonor Noivo, Pedro Pinho DF Vasco Viana DA Luisa Homem M José Edgar Feldman, Luisa Homem, Cláudia Rita Oliveira S João Gazua E José Smith Vargas, Carla Galvão, Njamy Sebastião, Joaquim Bichana Martins, Danièle Incalcaterra, Hermínio Amaro, João Santos Lopes, Paulo Vitorino

Sinopse: The factory where a horde of laborers used to work is suddenly empty. A massive lay-off is about to happen. In protest, a group decides to occupy the place. Pedro Pinho’s first feature, awarded the Critics’ Prize at Cannes’s Directors’ Fortnight, is an ambitious collective reverie about a factory that becomes no-place, and the dreams of the people who used to work there. From essay to musical, from political film to a taste for delirium, from chronicle to fable, this is a movie for times of labor reform, about the collapse of work and of life in community.


La Noche / The Night

DIREÇÃO: Edgardo Castro
Argentina, 2016, 135 min, DCP
CINEMA DO MUSEU · QUI · 09/11 · 20H30
CINEMA DO MUSEU · DOM · 12/11 · 18H00

D / R Edgardo Castro P Eduardo Castro, Florencia de Mugica, Agustín Torre PE Florencia de Mugica, Edgardo Castro DF Soledad Rodríguez M Miguel de Zuviría S Gabriel Barredo, Juan Martín Jimena, Guillermo Lombardi E Edgardo Castro, Federico Figari, Paula Ituriza, Luis Leiva, Dolores Guadalupe Olivares

Sinopse: A smash hit at the Bafici competition, where it was awarded the Special Jury Prize – and then, oddly, never shown in Brazil –, this film features Edgardo Castro as director and star of a deep dive into the Buenos Aires night. The protagonist moves between his small apartment and a series of clubs where he finds real characters of the porteña after-hours, roaming endless nights fueled by sex, various substances and conversations with many lovers of various genders. There is no moral sensationalism in the portrayal of these encounters, but a growing sense of devotion for affection and for a natural tenderness that emerges out of the beautiful pact established between words and naked bodies. It could take place here.


Good Manners

DIREÇÃO: Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra
Brasil / França, 2017, 135min, DCP
CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · DOM · 05/11 · 21H00
CINEMA DO MUSEU · SEG · 06/11 · 15H40

D / R Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra P Maria Ionescu, Sara Silveira, Clément Duboin, Frédéric Corvez DF Rui Poças, Antoine Héberlé DA Fernando Zuccolotto M Caetano Gotardo MUS Guilherme Garbato, Gustavo Garbato, Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra S Gabriela Cunha, Bernardo Uzeda E Isabél Zuaa, Marjorie Estiano, Miguel Lobo, Cida Moreira, Felipe Kenji, Andrea Marquee, Gilda Nomacce

Sinopse: From the outskirts of São Paulo, Clara (Isabél Zuaa) is hired as a nanny for Ana’s (Marjorie Estiano) unborn child. Strange events that take place ever more often during the pregnancy are only the beginning of a movie being held by Brazilian and foreign critics (and with good reason) as a unique piece of contemporary genre cinema. Juliana Rojas’ and Marco Dutra’s São Paulo is fantastical, the horror is often refined and incredible, and Brazil’s current reality seems to effortlessly seep from every seam. A film that already looms large, and which no one should miss.



DIREÇÃO: Juliana Antunes
BRA, 2017, 73min, DCP
CINEMA DO MUSEU · DOM · 05/11 · 16H45
CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · DOM · 12/11 · 14H00

D / R Juliana Antunes P Juliana Antunes, Marcella Jacques e Laura Godoy PE Juliana Antunes, Fernanda Brescia, Camila Bahia Braga DF Fernanda de Sena S Marcela Santos M Affonso Uchôa, Rita M. Pestana E Andreia Pereira de Sousa, Leid Ferreia, Felipe Rangel

Sinopse: The atmosphere of violence in Vila Mariquinhas, in Belo Horizonte’s North Side, is made cinema when Juliana (in her first feature as a director) meets Andreia, Lidiane, and all those around who get used to living with the filmmaker’s camera nearby. The everyday life of these women is as ordinary as it is dazzling; not often do we see a film so saturated with life and with world as this one. Baronesa is a major event in 2017 Brazilian cinema, one which, after winning at the Aurora showcase in Tiradentes Film Festival, has been traveling abroad collecting prizes at other important festivals, such as FIC Valdivia (best picture) and FID Marseille (audience award).


Once There Was Brazilia

DIREÇÃO: Adirley Queirós
Brasil / Portugal, 2017, 100MIN, DCP
CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · QUA · 08/11 · 21H30
CINEMA DO MUSEU · QUI · 09/11 · 15H00

D / R Adirley Queirós PE Simone Queiroz, Adirley Queirós P Luana Otto, Pablo Peixoto, Andréia Queiróz DF Joana Pimenta M Adirley Queirós, Fred Benevides, Guile Martins DA Denise Vieira S Francisco Craesmeyer E Wellington Abreu, Andreia Vieira, Marquim do Tropa, Franklin Ferreira, Sandra Carla

Sinopse: In 1959, an intergalactic agent is assigned the task of traveling through space to kill President Juscelino Kubitschek, but his spaceship gets lost in time and he lands in 2016, in the midst of the judicial-media coup that brought down the elected president. Once again, Adirley Queirós turns his camera toward Ceilândia, one of Brasília’s satellite towns, and from there tells a different History of Brazil. The dystopic atmosphere is inevitable, the present is a cyberpunk future, and the armies of resistance come from the margins and are made images the likes of which have never been seen in Brazilian cinema – that merit also belongs to cinematographer Joana Pimenta, awarded at Brasilia Film Festival. The film premiered at the Signs of Life section of Locarno Film Festival, where it was awarded a Special Mention.


Jeune Femme / Montparnasse Bienvenue

DIREÇÃO: Léonor Serraille
França / Bélgica, 2017, 97MIN, DCP
CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · SEX · 10/11 · 20H50
CINEMA DO MUSEU · SÁB · 11/11 · 20H30

D / R Léonor Serraille P Sandra da Fonseca DF Émilie Noblet DA Valérie Valéro M Clémence Carré S Anne Dupouy MUS Julie Roué E Laetitia Dosch, Souleymane Seye Ndiaye, Grégoire Monsaingeon, Jean-Christophe Folly, Nathalie Richard

Sinopse: Paula goes to Paris in search of her boyfriend, but has a door slammed on her face and ends up brokenhearted. Now she must earn a living, get a job and a place to live in the capital, and find a future for herself; things aren’t that simple, though, and Paula’s methods are not the most orthodox. Bringing together Laetitia Dosch’s excellent performance, director Léonor Serraille’s orientation and cinematographer Emilie Noblet’s vision, this first feature by a young filmmaker premiered at Cannes’s Un Certain Regard, and left with the Camera D’Or award. A refined, breezy and pulsating cinematic look at a young woman in trouble and the people and places that surround her.


The Genre

DIREÇÃO: Klim Kozinsky
Rússia, 2017, 61MIN, DCP
CINEMA DO MUSEU · QUA · 08/11 · 16H00
CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · SEX · 10/11 · 17H00

D / M Klim Kozinsky P Boris Yukhananov DF Boris Yukhananov, Vladimir Yashkin

Sinopse: August 1991. The fascinating VHS tapes of the rehearsals of an independent play set up by a troupe of young Russians during some days of that month. Genre, the show, staged a state of things with a punk vibe, anti-imperialist sentiment, half a dozen firearms pointing every which way, and an iconoclastic spirit. Meanwhile, the radio broadcasts the beginnings of a radical transformation in the Soviet Union, which the group follows with apprehension. General state of alert – they say, in loco, on the images –, a coup is in full swing.


El Pez / The Fish

DIREÇÃO: Martin Verdet
França / México, 2017, 82MIN, DCP
CINEMA DO MUSEU · QUA · 08/11 · 17H00
CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · sex · 10/11 · 16H00

D / DF Martin Verdet M Catherine Rascon S Izis Puente

Sinopse: This could just be a beautifully shot slice of life of a gracious family in Mexico City, the mother full of prayers, the son full of daydreams like so many of us. But the camera slowly reveals that something greater than everyday life dwells in the world. A spider, a grape, a drop, a fish shimmying, for some reason, on the bathroom floor. A rare alliance between chronicle of ordinary life and fascinating discovery of a drive that follows every one of us around and, in the movies, goes beyond the limits of reality, without ever letting it go.

CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · TER · 07/11 · 19H45

D / R / DF Alexandre Koberidze S Giorgi Koberidze M Alexandre Koberidze E Mate Kevlishvili, Giorgi Bochorishvili

Sinopse: An obvious love story, told as if it wasn’t. Young Georgian man goes to the big city to become a dancer. Makes a few bucks in boxing and prostitution. Falls in love with cop who might have to leave with the army. The rules of a filmed life are the rules of film, and this is, in fact, a film about storytelling, about the city and public space, about light and time, about a haunting war, freedom, unexpected humor – and about love. Discovered at Berlin’s amazing Critics’ Week, Koberidze’s first feature went on to win the main award at FID Marseille.


Summer 1993

DIREÇÃO: Carla Simón
Catalunha / Espanha, 2017, 97MIN, DCP
CINEMA SÃO LUIZ · SEG · 06/11 · 13H30
CINEMA DO MUSEU · QUA · 08/11 · 18H50

D / R Carla Simón P Valérie Delpierre PE Valérie Delpierre, María Zamora DF Santiago Racaj DA Mónica Bernuy, Isona Rigau M Didac Palou, Ana Pfaff MUS Pau Boïgues, Ernest Pipó E Laia Artigas, Paula Robles, Bruna Cusí, David Verdaguer, Fermí Reixach, Montse Sanz

Sinopse: Having premiered at the Generation showcase of Berlin Film Festival, where it took the prize for best first feature in all the contemporary sections, this beautiful, autobiographical film by Carla Simón tells the story of a girl who loses her mom to AIDS in the early 1990s and goes live with her aunt and cousin in the country. Precisely directed portrayal of loneliness and grief, at the center of which is a child who moves cinema with rare assuredness, full of truth and talent. The setting is Catalonia.